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Netcommunity is an online community available 24 hours a day and is a great way for you to connect with Netchex clients, subject matter experts, and members of the Netchex staff. Within Netcommunity, you will be able to find answers and ask questions, join groups for discussion, submit an idea, submit a case, and stay informed on upcoming Netchex events. Share, learn, grow and succeed with Netchex. We want to hear your voice. To get started, all you need to do is select the help and support button in the top right of the Netchex home page.

Netcommunity Cases

If at any point in time you have a question, or need help form Netchex, please submit a case in Netcommunity. By allowing you to create your own case, you can better articulate the question or issue you have. There is built in logic to direct each case to the correct team of experts responsible for your case. Case creation is simple, click here to see how.

A whole new way to look at benefits
Introducing a comprehensive, at-a-glance dashboard that puts all your clients’ data right at your fingertips. Netchex Netbroker dashboard is a one of a kind portal that gives you instant access to real time information about your client’s plans and processes and let you run reports at a click of a button. Watch the video to learn more.
Benefit Training Videos

Discover the ins and outs of NetBenefits! Learn how to enroll a new employee or make a change to an existing employee, how to best utilize NetBenefits to assist with your day to day Benefits Administration needs, and how to Setup your Open Enrollment at Renewal Time. Intended for users with access to NetBenefits.

Live NetBroker Support
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM CST

Join our Netbroker Dashboard Training for live training on how to use the NetBroker Dashboard to collect and handle client data easily and efficiently. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the data and reports in the dashboard to provide service to your clients all year long.

We know you move quickly. Use this bi-weekly meeting to get your questions answered live, by one of our broker support experts.

Register for the Tuesday training by clicking here.

Register for the Thursday training by clicking here.

Carrier Feeds and The New Kid On The Block
We all know the carrier communication conversation can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complex.

When you know what options work best for employers, you have the power to make beneficial recommendations to prospects. Join us Tuesday, October 17, at 2:30 to see what options are available for carrier communication and explore the types of companies that benefit from each option.

And, we’ll introduce the New Kid on the Block for carrier communication in 2018.

Carrier Feeds
Netchex carrier feeds will be released January, 2017 to provide secure carrier feeds that exchange data with carriers instantly and accurately. With carrier feeds, you eliminate the need to key in enrollment changes in multiple systems, reduce costs and data entry errors, free up your time and improve the employee experience.

Click here to see the list of participating carriers and the minimum participation numbers required to qualify for this service.

Join Our Team and Secure Your Future
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Protect, Maintain, and Grow Your Business

Netchex NetBroker partnership is tailor made for you. Our Netbroker program gives you the tools and the tips to expand your business and protect yourself from new competitors who may be trying to steal your business. We want to give our clients the best of both worlds, excellent technology and personalized, local benefits support. We don’t compete with brokers, and we don’t want your book. We give you the technology to expand your offerings and improve your service, and the support to feel confident talking about payroll.

Looking for co-branded marketing materials, or have an idea of how we can go to market together? See our library of co-branded marketing materials to help you tell the single source story, and win new business.


Whether it’s been since last week, last month or last quarter, we’d love to hear from you! Our broker support team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. If you’re experiencing any issues, want to share a success, or just want to say hello contact us to learn about the latest resources we have available!

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