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Check out the webinar, “Security Upgrades and You”, for more information.
The security update will be rolled on in two phases, so Netchex Administrators and employees can prepare for the changes.
Phase 1: Limited Employee Access
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Limited employee access accounts will not require employees to provide an email address to create an account in Netchex. Employees will be able to access most of the same data as Netchex ESS users, however their personally identifiable information will be hidden. Employees can upgrade their account at any time by providing and verifying a unique email address.

Phase 2: Partnering with Microsoft Azure & Introducing Linked Accounts
Anticipated Release – Late September

In the second phase of the update, Microsoft Azure’s identity protection platform will be released. At this time, every user will be asked to verify their unique email address or asked to switch to a limited employee access account. Users with a limited employee access account will not need to verify an email address.

Employees, managers and admins with an email address will also have the option to “link” their Netchex accounts. For example, an employee who has worked for multiple companies who use Netchex will be able to access their documents from both companies using one username and password.

A New Login Experience:
After the second phase of the security upgrade, all employees and administrators will see a new log in page. Employees will need to log in using their Netchex username and password and will be prompted to either verify their email address or switch their Netchex account to limited employee access.
Usernames and passwords that were previously stored in internet browsers will not show up automatically. This means admins, employees, and managers should make sure they know their usernames and passwords prior to leaving the office the day before the release.
What You Should Do To Prepare
  • Identify employees who do not have a unique personal email address
  • Switch all employees who do not have a unique personal email address to Limited Employee Access.
  • Educate all employees on the security upgrade prior to the release date
Why Switch to Microsoft
Microsoft Azure AD is industry-leading on security measures and has been recognized as the most trusted cloud service for U.S. government institutions. This means that it offers unparalleled security benefits for Netchex clients.
Benefits of working with Microsoft Azure AD include:

  • Multi-factor authentication, device registration, and self-service password management to provide an additional level of authentication preventing any unauthorized access to Netchex applications
  • Users can link multiple accounts eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords and making it easier to switch between accounts
  • Users can utilize single sign on (SSO) for Netchex and other cloud services that are included in the Netchex system.
  • Users can use their personal email address as their username, making their username easier to remember.