Netchex time and attendance not only offers you several ways to collect time accurately from your employees, it also offers quick and easy analysis of labor costs and scheduling. We integrate critical labor activity within your payroll system, and with our web-based access, decision making regarding labor costs and scheduling is simple.
Multiple collection options –

Employers can implement a variety of collection options based upon their staff’s access to the web, their pay policies and their company’s strategy for collection and time management.

  • Web-based punch with IP Restriction capabilities
  • Timesheet entry for salaried staff
  • Ethernet badge and biometric devices
Scheduling and Labor Cost Management –

Incorporate a schedule for management of attendance, control of punch activity and forecasting of labor costs.  Netchex’s demand-driven scheduling allows you to configure labor rules based upon your company’s true needs.

  • Alerts for unscheduled work
  • Points system for adverse punch activity
  • Scheduling visibility in the self service portal
  • Schedule vs. Actual Reporting
Time approval and Payroll Integration –

Managers can review, edit and approve employee punches to remove the bottleneck of work at the payroll administrative level.  Clear reporting on actions and approvals make closing out a pay period easy.

  • Employee and Manager approval functions
  • Client directed movement of hours and earnings
    from time and attendance directly into payroll
  • Audit history on manager actions
Time and Attendance Case Study
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